Top 7 Halloween Safety Tips for Cat Parents

Some cats are attracted to the Halloween season traditions; but responsible pet owners should be aware of certain hazards that could endanger their cat. The Halloween festivities can pose a danger to the feline members of the family. However, with a few precautions, you can keep the kitties away from harm while allowing them to take part in the fun.

The Pumpkin Problem

Pumpkin can be good for cats, but because cats like the taste, some felines will chew or eat carved pumpkins used as Halloween decor, even after the pumpkin has become tainted.

After sitting in a heated house or on a porch for a few days, a pumpkin can start to develop bacteria that when consumed can cause intestinal swelling, upset stomach and diarrhea in your cat. So, enjoy your Jack O’ Lantern, but keep it out of the reach of feline mouths!

Other Decorating Dangers

Children and adults alike enjoy outfitting the home for Halloween. However, before installing those decorations, think about possible consequences for the family cat. Items like Spray-on-cob-webs and paper streamers can seriously harm your cat if eaten. Keep Halloween decorations up high beyond the reach of inquiring paws.

Fire Hazard

Be sure to keep lighted candles and jack-o’-lanterns lit with interior candles where they can not be knocked over by a curious cat. Otherwise, a cat could start a fire or be severely burned.

Cat Proof Your Wires

Lighted Halloween decorations come with cords and plugs. A playful kitten can be electrocuted or injure its mouth, tongue or gum burns if it bites into a cord. Adhere cords to the floor and walls so they are not within reach or use protective cord covers available at hardware or electronics stores.

Batting Batteries

Many cats will be attracted to batteries as wonderful toys. For some felines, “Batting Batteries” is an addictive game. Unfortunately, the ingredients in batteries are poisonous to both pets and children, so make sure that batteries are kept away from playful cats.

Chocolate Is a No-No

Warn your children and your party guests not to feed candy to the cats. Store the chocolate away. Theobromine is a compound in chocolate that is toxic to cats if eaten in sufficient quantities.

Consider making a home made Halloween cat treat for the kids to feed their furry family member.

Candy wrappers are often enticing playthings to cats too, but can cause an intestinal blockage if eaten.

Halloween brings lots of ringing doorbells, opening and closing front doors, loud voices, and excited children. To protect the safety of your cat and prevent any escapes out the front door, confine the cat to a quiet room away from all the commotion until after the trick or treating is over.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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