Huge Multi-Condo Cat Gym in Beige


This Cat Gym is a Great deal for such a large cat condo!

Designed for your cat to scratch, climb, jump, play, and even to sleep or lounge on. Prevents cat damage to home furniture, drapery and carpet by entertaining your cat.


  • Color:  Beige
  • Materials:  Presswood, sisal rope, faux fur fabric.
  • Dimensions:  18 x 70 x 106 inches
  • Shipping Weight:  83 pounds

Product Attributes

  • Posts hand wrapped in textured sisal rope
  • Top pole is adjustable and can be attached to the ceiling
  • Board Material:  Pressed Wood
  • Covering Material:  Faux Fur
  • Item Model Number:  FC02
  • Average Customer Review:  4.3 out of 5 stars

Huge Multi-Condo Cat Gym in Beige

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  • Large size accommodates several cats at once.
  • You get a tool with the kit.
  • It is easy to move one piece to another location or swap around the sisal rope pieces and faux fur posts.


  • Some customers complained that the instructions were confusing.
  • Most people report that installing the gym takes between one hour and three hours.
  • A few of the tubes may be too small for some cats.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

I’ve seen this Cat Gym marked down from the list price on Amazon for less than $225.

What Others Are Saying

The GoPetClub Huge Multi-Condo Cat Gym in Beige has an above average approval with most buyers, with an average of 4.3 out of 5 rating. Here are some recent comments:

  • “…it was totally worth the purchase…lots of entertainment!”
  • “Once you have the parts identified you should have no problems understanding what goes where.”
  • “Unfortunately, The Directions Were Very Confusing but with a little patience I was able to start to piece it together.”
  • “It’s definitely worth the time it takes to put together!”
  • “The only one complaint I would have is the round tubes are quite smaller then I expected, but that doesn’t stop the cats from using them.”
  • ” I found mine easy to assemble and had it put together in under an hour.”
  • “Over all a solid 5 stars, and an excellent price for a perfect cat tree.”
  • “My cats just love this thing…”