The Correct Way To Stop Your Cat’s Bad Behaviors

Cats like to leap on tables, climb on areas with costly knick-knacks, and anything else that may be leapt on. Yelling at your cat will not work, so you will need to try other strategies that won’t make your cat think you are irritated at them generally. These are some methods for the best way to stop your cat’s bad behaviors.

Methods That Do Not Work

One of the best paths to know what works is to first know what doesn’t work. You could think that an annoyed yell or clapping of hands will scare your cat away from bad behavior, but your kitty won’t learn from this. Anger and intense noises to your cat don’t mean a particular action they actually did is undesirable – it just means that you’re being annoyed and loud or unhappy in general. Cats do not see your outrage at them as a direct correlation between what they are doing and your response. They have to have a rather more precise reply that creates a displeasing experience based primarily on what they are doing.

Spray Bottle

Never underestimate the feline hatred of water. Have a spray bottle in different rooms with clean water in it so that if your kitty does something like jump on the fridge or kitchen table that they recognize doing these actions will lead directly to getting wet.

Lemon for Furniture

Spraying your cat with water when scratching on the furniture won’t have the same effect. You should instead use natural scents like products with lion pheromones or lemon to dissuade your cat from using the sofa as a scratching post.

Reinforcing Good Behavior

Reward your cat and state “good kitty!” every time they use the vehicle scratching post. This will inspire your cat to use the scratching post more frequently and make them less likely to go somewhere else for claw sharpening.